New Moon Ritual

As the new moon approaches, how will you utilize this time to harness in the power of manifestation and new beginnings? Your new moon ritual can be unique and tailored to your particular vibe. I am here to share ritual tips that I have found successful and that have proven to be meaningful to me. You can mix and match a few of these options, use all of them, or take a couple to implement into your existing routine. You do not need a lengthy ritual every time – work with what you have and make the best use of what your time allows. Don’t rush yourself, but I believe your new moon ritual carries the most power based on how much intention you put into it rather than how much time you spend on this practice.

  1. Clean your space. Make sure your home is nice and clean to invite in this new beginning and what you are manifesting. I find this to be most helpful when done in the couple of days leading up to the new moon, so that on the day of I can focus on the details of my ritual. Be sure to clean your bathroom if you implement and new moon bath or shower, as well as your mirrors and windows so that you can invite in a fresh outlook and perspective.
  2. Sage out any old energy. New moons are all about renewal and manifestation, so you don’t want any stale energy that does not serve you to remain in your home or space. Remember to crack your windows while saging so that old energy has a way out!
  3. New moon bath or shower. In a bath, you can add healing or detoxing salts, your favorite herbs or flowers, green tea, or honey. In a shower, use your favorite soothing products. With either of these methods, go into your bath with intention. You are focusing on your body, mind, and spirit. Let go of any stress or worry, take time to bring awareness to how the bath feels on each part of your body, and practice gratitude for the opportunity to cleanse and renew yourself.
  4. Candles and/or incense. Calming light and smells help us tune into our intuition and welcome our ancestors and spirit guides. If you do not wish to light anything, you can bring some personal favorite items or flowers into the space where you are doing your ritual. Do what makes you feel good.
  5. Meditate. There are many guided meditations available on YouTube, you can find healing frequency music to meditate to, or you can sit or lay in silence and just breathe. The goal is to clear your mind, so find what works for you. I love finding a 20-25 minute guided meditation because I find that time frame to be long enough to clear my mind, it doesn’t feel too long, and I have the guidance of the narrator to take my mind off of any outside influences.
  6. Read your cards. Tailor your reading around the new moon with questions relating to your current energy, what you need to focus on, and what is trying to grow within you. You can ask any questions you want! Readings are super helpful in verifying what you should be manifesting for your highest good and the steps you need to take to reach your highest potential.
  7. Journal your intentions and what you wish to manifest over this next moon cycle. Jot down the mantras you feel suit you, how you can implement these changes in your daily life, and what the best possible outcome would be for you. The Universe gives us what we need and ask for – but you have to tell the Universe what you want! Make sure these goals align with your highest self, and act accordingly, as the Universe and our guides conspire to bring what is best for us to fruition.
  8. Any other soothing activity such as drawing or painting, baking, dancing, listening to high-vibrational music, and self care. I like to paint with watercolors, just whatever comes to mind or reflects what I am manifesting. You can write a letter to your guides and ancestors, and set it out overnight after offering it up to whomever you wrote to, like you are mentally mailing out your letter.
  9. Moon water and charging your crystals. For moon water, use a clear cup or jar of some sort and fill it with water. Use your incense, crystals, or hands to energetically cleanse the vessel that holds the water and also the space where you will be setting the water overnight – I usually choose a windowsill that faces the moon. You may not be able to see a new moon, but if you know what direction the moon usually faces, just set it on that windowsill. You can also set it outside overnight, and make sure you bring it in first thing in the morning. On the same windowsill I will lay out my crystals to charge overnight. In the morning, they are ready to go over this next moon cycle. If you choose to charge them outside, you can do so in a bowl or basket, or place them directly on the earth so they can soak up that earth energy as well as possible.

What are some of your favorite new moon rituals and practices? I would love to hear what you implement into your routine in the comments. I hope this guide brought you some useful tips, and I hope this new moon brings you the manifestations needed for your highest good!

New Moon in Virgo

As fall approaches within the next week, we will have our last new moon of the summer on Thursday, September 17, 2020. This new moon comes in the sign of Virgo. Because Virgo is an earth sign, we are being asked to ground ourselves and think about what we can implement into our daily lives and routines to help us remain grounded.

New moons are a time for setting intentions, new beginnings, and the planting of seeds. What do you want to manifest for yourself over the next six months? What are you hoping to change, be it internally or externally? Now is the perfect time to light a candle, take out your journal and favorite pens, and start making your list.

Always remember that when you think of what you’d like to manifest, do so with intention. For example, how will manifesting this new job serve your highest good? Get into the details. Ask yourself what the perfect job would look like and consist of, and how your life would be affected by receiving such an opportunity. I also like to write a few mantras to repeat to myself that are related to the change I am manifesting. For a career change, you might write something such as, “I welcome limitless opportunities for success,” or, “I am successful in my new endeavors.” Switch your mindset to believing that this opportunity is already present in your life and live each day with the gratitude you will feel once this opportunity is presented to you. Don’t try to rush anything – seeds do not sprout the same day they are planted!

The first day of fall comes to us on September 22, and Libra season begins on September 23, so this new moon is truly bringing us a new beginning. Listen to your mind and body. If you know that there is something you need to change for your personal wellness, now is the time to do so. Do you need to start beginning each day with a breathing or yoga exercise? Do you need to focus on eating in a more well-rounded way? Make time for regular self-care, even if it’s just taking some time to yourself now and then, a break from social media, or carving out a day to deep clean and spruce up your home.

Don’t forget that manifestation takes work on your part. If you just set an intention and do not implement any action, you will not see much growth. Do something each day that aligns with your goals and will get you one step closer to where you want to be. Baby steps add up, and you may surprise yourself with how far you’ve gone over this new moon cycle by the time we see the corresponding full moon six months from now.

9/9 Portal

September 9th opens the 9/9 portal each year to purify, cleanse, and close off anything that needs to be released in order to take the next steps towards your Spiritual Awakening. Because 9 symbolizes the end of a cycle, the energy is double on 9/9, and serves as a time of introspection and healing. You are free to give away all your stress and anxiety to the Universe. September 9 may be the most powerful day of the portal, but the two to three days on either side of this date will have some pretty charged-up energy as well, so you have plenty of time to start growing through the changes initiated during this time.

As 9/9 is a time for the energetic closing of cycles, it might comfort you to keep in mind there is a time and place for all things to end. You can either let go of those things willingly and naturally or you can let the Universe take them from you, which most usually feels more difficult. You need to be able to release the old in order to make room for the new! The energies in alignment with 9/9 offer accelerated growth. During this time, the universe will also force change through endings – this is where it may hurt but keep in mind this change is for your highest good and helping you move into a new phase of life. Any material possessions that you have held on to that you can now let go of will serve as one less thing holding you back and stuck to old energy that no longer serves you, and will bring you one step closer to your Spiritual Awakening.

  • How do I make the most of this energy?
  1. Anything that has been eating at you mentally or emotionally, or a thought hovering in your mind is basically already a decision waiting to be brought into reality. Just do it. If you’re questioning something, chances are you need to let it go. You subconsciously already know the answer; it’s time to bring it to light. This could be a relationship, friendship, job, moving homes, etc.
  2. Forgive yourself, absolutely, for whatever you are beating yourself up about. It’s time to just let go and move on. This can be things you wish you did or didn’t do, feelings of comparing yourself to others, and any other inner trauma that you replay in your mind. You deserve to be free and release these thoughts! By forgiving yourself completely, you will also be one step closer to your Spiritual Awakening.
  3. Bring consciousness to your daily life! You need to be able to see the past for what it is without feeling resentment, enjoy the present moment without worrying about the future, and still be able to care about the future without being attached to the outcome. When you expand your consciousness you will feel clear and full of gratitude. In order to do this, you need to catch yourself in your thoughts. Anytime you experience a negative thought, you need to process it and think about why you are feeling that way and how that feeling is serving you. If you feel negative emotions when thinking about something or someone, you still have healing to do there.

By facing our fears and letting go of that which no longer serves us we become stronger beings and are able to flow with life more effortlessly and truly appreciate what we have, as well as recognize abundance and blessings in all forms.

Cleanse & Purify

Cleansing and purification are two of the most important steps you can take to ensure you are as close with your intuition as possible. There are so many things that can cause blockages in our life, and block us not only from tuning into our higher selves, but also from manifesting our dream reality. There are quite a few different approaches to this topic so we will go over some basic steps individually:

  1. Declutter. This means both emotionally and physically. When you have less emotional clutter, you can more easily channel the high vibrations that make you feel good and in touch with yourself. When you have less physical clutter (in your home, your car, your space at work), you bilaterally sift out the emotional clutter as well. Emotional clutter can mean feeling flighty, scattered thoughts and emotions, and what I call “mental poison.”
    Mental poison is a negative thought pattern. You may not realize it’s there, but when you look at a situation, person, or feeling in a negative light, you only attract more negativity into your life. So when our physical world is decluttered, we more naturally feel light and happy, because we don’t have a physical mess subconsciously planting negative seeds in our minds. Likewise, when you rid your material belongings of anything that holds old energy that no longer serves you or has a place in your life, you create space for new opportunities and connections to enter your life – you become a receptive channel.
  2. Purify your space. You can do this in a few different ways. You can light sage or Palo Santo; you can use a cleansing spray if you don’t wish to use smoke in your home or if you live in an apartment with a touchy smoke detector; you can focus upon the energy in your home or a particular room and cleanse it mentally. I personally love to use Palo Santo almost daily. The smell is amazing and it gets the job done when cleansing regularly. I do use sage every now and then but usually save it for after I have visitors and need to cleanse deeper energy, or am deep cleaning my home. When using sage, be sure to open your windows to let the negative energy out! There is no such thing as a space too small for cleansing, so remember to get corners and tight spaces.
  3. Detox your body. Just like when we declutter, we are detoxing physically and energetically. Drink plenty of water, stretch, and take deep breaths. Move around, meditate, and eat clean. Having less junk in our systems affects us on all levels – you need to create the space in your body for energy to flow freely and remove blockages. Clear your mind so you can honor your intuition and highest good.
    Physical and energetic properties are connected so when we regularly put processed foods into our system, only drink sugary soda or energy drinks, and forget to take care of ourselves, our energy will replicate what is inside of us. When we are hydrating and eating as naturally as possible, our bodies are happy, and our subconscious plays off of how good we feel. We are what we eat!
  4. Cleanse. I’m not here to tell you to take a shower. I’m here to tell you to do it with intention. Whether in a shower or bath, imagine all of your stress, worry, or energy from anyone you encountered today to wash off of you and go down the drain. When washing your body, you can simply envision this or say a mantra such as, “I wash off all of my worries and send them down the drain,” or, “As I wash my body, I cleanse myself of any negative energy I came into contact with today.”
    If the weather permits, swimming in a natural body of water can be just as renewing as well! Be sure to express gratitude for how good the water feels, how beautiful the weather is or your surroundings are. Focus on the feeling of the sun on your skin and your feet on the earth. Give thanks for being able to experience that today.

By cleansing and purifying ourselves and our space, we allow our life force energy to flow freely. We enable our bodies to become a channel of spirituality and intuition. And in turn, we are free and clear to receive signs from the universe and our ancestors.

What are your favorite cleansing or purification rituals? I would love to hear them in the comments, along with what you found helpful in this guide!

Coming Together

Hello and welcome to my new passion project! I am thrilled to finally breathe life into this idea that I have been toying around with in my head for months. We can call it my dream, my side hustle, my precious little baby, and we can watch it grow together.

I have been fascinated with all things metaphysical for quite a while. When I was in elementary school I almost got suspended for bringing a book about Wicca to school with me. I grew up going to Catholic school and church, so that interest did not end up sprouting far beyond that point in time. I have still always had an interest in anything mystical. To me, this includes but is not limited to astrology and horoscopes, tarot and oracle cards, witchcraft and magick, divination and dream work.

Over the past couple of years I have been broadening my scope over these subjects and really coming into my truest self. I am still developing spiritually and working on my own spiritual awakening, but every day I get closer! I continue to be fascinated with what I learn, and I hope to be able to share these exciting discoveries with you.

Natural curiosity has lead me here. I was afraid to bring this project into fruition out of fear of what others might think. Others who do not share the same views as me, others who saw me as one way and now will see another “new” side of me. But what I hadn’t considered is how many people there may be that do share my views that I truly hope I can connect with. I know that the few people I have met so far through the spiritual, witchy community have already felt like natural relationships. Thank you for taking this journey with me, this is my leap.

I invite you to please take a look around! I do offer oracle and tarot readings, and I am eager to continue building from the ground up to offer knowledge, tips and tricks, and whatever else the future may hold for our new community – the world is our oyster!

love & light