New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

This Saturday, December 4, is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Typically new moons are all about manifesting and planting seeds of intention for the future, but the energy of this one feels a bit different, thanks to the eclipse. There is a lot of change happening in the astrological skies, and the shift is definitely being felt.

When we have a solar eclipse and the moon casts its shadow on the sun, it can cause us to doubt what is familiar to us – the light is hidden, we can’t see it. And so it is crucial for us to follow our intuition through the dark and have faith in what we know is true. It can be difficult to trust what we can’t see, but in a matter of a few days we should have our clarity back. I think overall, this new moon will end up bringing clarity to a lot of us on upcoming changes in our lives. Whether this is related to work, relationships, living situations, etc, I think there is a lot of potential for us to realize what we need to do differently to move forward. This is pretty perfect going into the new year! Once Capricorn season comes, the pace will pick up for us to take action on these changes.

I am feeling drained and just overall exhausted. I know that this weekend I will need to spend as much time resting, recuperating, and just being as possible. Sometimes self care and self love look like alone time, peace, and quiet. My intuition is telling me this will help me get back to my centered and grounded self that I am feeling detached from. I am also feeling that this is a very important time for everyone to be taking care of their health in all forms.

I am open to the change that this new moon brings my way, knowing it is for my highest good. I am looking forward to keeping things simple and allowing myself to take time for me and not stress about having to be anywhere. I hope you are also able to carve out a moment of peace for yourself and to stress as little as possible, especially with the holidays coming up. Remember to take care of yourself.

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