Full Snow Moon in Virgo

As an earth sign, Virgo correlates to physical things, and one of its traits is a need for variety. What does variety consist of? Change. Evolving. Moving forward. Transformation. This is what helps us refine ourselves and our lives.

The Full Snow Moon occurs every February, as winter comes to a close, awakening a new season and the manifestation seeds planted at the beginning of winter and the start of the year. This year the Full Snow Moon occurs on Saturday, February 27. In just a few weeks it will be spring, and as the season transforms, so does your life. It’s time to check off old to-do items that have been sitting on your list, as well as get rid of clutter to make room for the new divinely guided opportunities and gifts to enter your life.

Changes are not always pretty. They are not always delivered in ways that make you feel excited and #blessed. I have a feeling the changes coming in for many of us, myself included, are going to start off on a more personal and internal level, followed by external shifts. In order to achieve and recognize the external shifts, you have to dedicate time to the goals and personal needs that are being brought to your attention. Welcome change with a positive outlook, knowing it is here to help you move forward on your personal path.

Surrender can be tough, especially for those of us who like to have control in our lives. However, the moon in Virgo emphasizes accepting the things in life that seem imperfect or “not right,” and trusting the Universe and your guides to have your back. Surrender to them. Ask for their help in instigating the change(s) that you are being called to experience. Let them do the work they are here to do for you – your job is to rest and create the space you need to be ready to see and act on the gifts and opportunities they are arranging for you. Even when we can’t physically see or feel change happening, it takes a lot of energy.

Don’t forget to nurture yourself! Give yourself the time, space, and love you need to embrace your transformation. Forgive yourself and correct your negative thought patterns when you catch them. We are all doing our best.

*Side note for those of you who live in an area with snow: USE THE SNOW FOR YOUR MOON WATER! It comes from the earth and has been outside soaking up the energy and vibrations of the moon and the Universe. It is the purest form of moon water you can get right now, and with your added intention can be very powerful in any way you choose to use it.

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