When you think of manifesting, what comes to mind? You envision a goal you would like to achieve; you think of the steps you need to take to make that goal happen; you make a pact with the universe to help you achieve it. When manifesting, we typically set an end result that will make us happy or bring positivity to our lives. We affirm it and we believe in it.

I want to dive deeper. To use a common topic, let’s say you are manifesting your life partner (soul mate, twin flame, spouse, however this resonates with you). You envision how you will feel when you have this person in your life, and you think about what your life will look like at that time: you are financially stable, confident, and in love. However, in your present-day life, are you actually all of those things? Or are those things how you will be once you’ve manifested your partner?

If you’re not confident now, you will not magically become your most confident and courageous self once you’ve met your partner. If you’re not truly confident now, you will most likely block your ability to manifest your partner to begin with. When I talk about “confidence” here, I mean feeling deserving. There are many times we tell ourselves we can’t do something or be with someone, because “I would fail” or “They are out of my league.” By having this kind of self-talk, you are saying you are undeserving; and when you meet this person you are manifesting, if you do not feel deserving, you could sabotage the relationship, whether subconsciously or not. You need to make sure that you are ready to receive whatever it is you are manifesting on every level. The Universe is not going to deliver unless that is the case.

So in order to completely manifest the bigger picture, it is important to explore the levels that are a part of getting there. Manifesting is not taking the elevator straight to the top floor. You can’t expect to bypass every floor that holds key information for your journey. What is it going to take for you to gain the confidence and self-love that is required for you to feel completely deserving of the best love in the world? What do you need to work on to develop the financial freedom you will have when you meet this person? These micro aspects of your manifestations are just as, if not even more important to work on, than the overall outcome you are setting out to achieve.

Manifesting is a lot of work, and I feel like it is made to appear as a simple way to change your life. But there is both inner and outer work that you need to go through in order to achieve the inner and outer change you desire. This example I used is just that – take a deeper look at what you are trying to manifest and if you feel like it’s not getting anywhere, there are probably some smaller, less obvious steps that need to be taken first. By putting in the work on each level, not only are you going to feel so much more deserving of what you are manifesting, but you will be improving and evolving your Self on a Higher Path level – manifesting and up-leveling at the same time.

Published by Modern Metaphysical

I am here to explore and provide information on all things metaphysical. We explore the occult, astrology, tarot, self care, and more. I hope to provide guidance on exploring your higher self, reaching your spiritual awakening, and tips and tricks that make us all feel good!

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