Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

I’m sure everyone has been feeling the heightened energy and emotions around us lately. We can thank the upcoming full moon lunar eclipse for that! During an eclipse it is normal to be more easily affected by the energy of others, both in person and on social media or even over the phone. We may feel more sensitive or easily irritated as well. As an empath I am easily affected by others’ emotions and energy as it is, so the past week has been pretty intense for me. But due to this heightened energy, the Universe is giving us a helping hand in letting go and transforming during this upcoming lunar event. The moon turns full at 4:30am EST on Monday November 30, so both Sunday and Monday will be perfect to utilize for your ritual.

I tend to cleanse my crystals in moonlight during a full moon, however we need to be more careful with a lunar eclipse. Because the moonlight is blocked by the eclipse, it would be beneficial to skip the moon bath and use smoke, salt or water (as long as your crystals can handle it), or energetic cleansing with your hands.

As an eclipse darkens the moon, we are also being asked to take a deeper look into our own darkness. This will be an ideal time for some shadow work and uncovering the next step to take in releasing whatever it is that will help us level up. But don’t feel like you have to do the most and go all in – it is important to show yourself compassion and take it easy, because just as eclipses shadow the light of the moon, the same can happen to our physical energy levels. If you need to rest, rest.

I would also like to put it out there that now is a good time to do a card spread looking into your soul path. Because we have this cosmic boost from the Universe, realizations regarding changes that need to happen on both a spiritual and physical level may come easier, so let them. Give yourself grace and trust that your path is always divinely guided. These challenges definitely have the tendency to suck, to put it bluntly, but that’s how we grow.

Some questions you can ask your cards are:
~ Where do I need the biggest shift in my life?
~ What aspect of my shadow self have I been avoiding?
~ What will I need to accept in order to move forward?
~ What steps can I take to utilize the energy of this eclipse?

Don’t forget to light those candles and burn an entire bundle of sage (just kidding, but you do you) – we’ll probably need it. Journal and get out all of your thoughts. Write what you want to release on a piece of paper and burn it safely. The next new moon, coming up on December 14th, will wrap up eclipse season for the year!

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