New Moon Ritual

As the new moon approaches, how will you utilize this time to harness in the power of manifestation and new beginnings? Your new moon ritual can be unique and tailored to your particular vibe. I am here to share ritual tips that I have found successful and that have proven to be meaningful to me. You can mix and match a few of these options, use all of them, or take a couple to implement into your existing routine. You do not need a lengthy ritual every time – work with what you have and make the best use of what your time allows. Don’t rush yourself, but I believe your new moon ritual carries the most power based on how much intention you put into it rather than how much time you spend on this practice.

  1. Clean your space. Make sure your home is nice and clean to invite in this new beginning and what you are manifesting. I find this to be most helpful when done in the couple of days leading up to the new moon, so that on the day of I can focus on the details of my ritual. Be sure to clean your bathroom if you implement and new moon bath or shower, as well as your mirrors and windows so that you can invite in a fresh outlook and perspective.
  2. Sage out any old energy. New moons are all about renewal and manifestation, so you don’t want any stale energy that does not serve you to remain in your home or space. Remember to crack your windows while saging so that old energy has a way out!
  3. New moon bath or shower. In a bath, you can add healing or detoxing salts, your favorite herbs or flowers, green tea, or honey. In a shower, use your favorite soothing products. With either of these methods, go into your bath with intention. You are focusing on your body, mind, and spirit. Let go of any stress or worry, take time to bring awareness to how the bath feels on each part of your body, and practice gratitude for the opportunity to cleanse and renew yourself.
  4. Candles and/or incense. Calming light and smells help us tune into our intuition and welcome our ancestors and spirit guides. If you do not wish to light anything, you can bring some personal favorite items or flowers into the space where you are doing your ritual. Do what makes you feel good.
  5. Meditate. There are many guided meditations available on YouTube, you can find healing frequency music to meditate to, or you can sit or lay in silence and just breathe. The goal is to clear your mind, so find what works for you. I love finding a 20-25 minute guided meditation because I find that time frame to be long enough to clear my mind, it doesn’t feel too long, and I have the guidance of the narrator to take my mind off of any outside influences.
  6. Read your cards. Tailor your reading around the new moon with questions relating to your current energy, what you need to focus on, and what is trying to grow within you. You can ask any questions you want! Readings are super helpful in verifying what you should be manifesting for your highest good and the steps you need to take to reach your highest potential.
  7. Journal your intentions and what you wish to manifest over this next moon cycle. Jot down the mantras you feel suit you, how you can implement these changes in your daily life, and what the best possible outcome would be for you. The Universe gives us what we need and ask for – but you have to tell the Universe what you want! Make sure these goals align with your highest self, and act accordingly, as the Universe and our guides conspire to bring what is best for us to fruition.
  8. Any other soothing activity such as drawing or painting, baking, dancing, listening to high-vibrational music, and self care. I like to paint with watercolors, just whatever comes to mind or reflects what I am manifesting. You can write a letter to your guides and ancestors, and set it out overnight after offering it up to whomever you wrote to, like you are mentally mailing out your letter.
  9. Moon water and charging your crystals. For moon water, use a clear cup or jar of some sort and fill it with water. Use your incense, crystals, or hands to energetically cleanse the vessel that holds the water and also the space where you will be setting the water overnight – I usually choose a windowsill that faces the moon. You may not be able to see a new moon, but if you know what direction the moon usually faces, just set it on that windowsill. You can also set it outside overnight, and make sure you bring it in first thing in the morning. On the same windowsill I will lay out my crystals to charge overnight. In the morning, they are ready to go over this next moon cycle. If you choose to charge them outside, you can do so in a bowl or basket, or place them directly on the earth so they can soak up that earth energy as well as possible.

What are some of your favorite new moon rituals and practices? I would love to hear what you implement into your routine in the comments. I hope this guide brought you some useful tips, and I hope this new moon brings you the manifestations needed for your highest good!

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